Thursday, March 5, 2009


Since neither Emma nor Macey can tell time, we sometimes run into certain problems. Especially with Macey. She does not understand that some things are at a set time: Story time at the library, school, church, etc. And so, when it's time to go, if she is busy with something else, a small battle may ensue. Well, actually, with Macey the battle may not be that small. She's a tad stubborn.

But this week it was Emma who struggled with time. On Tuesday Emma and Macey woke up with small fevers and horrible coughs. Emma wanted to go to school, but I told her that she was sick and should stay home. "But Mom," she said, "I'm the line leader!" I told her that it was a new week and that she would not be line leader this week. That seemed to close the deal; we'd stay home.

In the afternoon we snuggled up and took a great nap. When she woke up Emma felt better and was ready to go to school! It was 2:30. School was long over. I told her that we could not go to school because it was 2:30 and everyone was home.

You never know how your little ones interpret things. . . A few hours later Garry was teasing Emma about missing school and she told him she could not go to school "because Momma slept in too late." I guess she thought I let everyone nap too long?

I really hope that she does not tell this to her teachers. Since school does not start until noon they would probably really wonder why I was oversleeping!

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Kiersten said...

On the plus side at least she wants to go to school, when they get older sometimes battles ensue to get them off to school.