Friday, March 13, 2009

The Bad Luck Continues

I have bad luck when it comes to hair cuts.

For example, there was one lady who wanted to brush my hair before she washed it (POOF!).

There was one lady who had me stand up during my haircut because my hair was "too long" and hard to reach down and cut.

Most recently there was the stressful situation of deciding how much to pay the nice woman who cut hair in her home and just had people pray to decide how much to pay.

And, of course, who can forget Emma's mullet experience which, a few months later, she is starting to recover from.

I have put off getting another haircut for quite awhile. Molly will not take a bottle so it's hard to find a Molly-less time to go and get a hair cut. We're a package deal right now. So finally yesterday I gave in and just took her with me while the other two were in school.

I sat in the chair, completely ready for a good experience. I know my hair panics some hairstylists because it is curly and they do not know what to do with it. So I flat-ironed it straight -- no panic here! Just plain old straight hair. I was at the Hair Cuttery and their "Shampoo, Cut and Blow Dry" is $17. The nice lady took one look at my hair and said because I had "so much" and it was "so long" (what?) that it would be $31. Okay, I am not very good at math, but that is almost double.

I paid it, and I even tipped the lady. But I dread going back there. So HELP! Does anyone know anyone that can give me a stress-free haircut experience??


Lisa said...

What? Double the price!? That is crazy. My hair is as long as yours and nobody has ever charged me more than $2 extra. I've been to the Hair Cuttery on North Beauregard several times. I've also been to the one on Rt 7 across from Skyline.

The GruCru said...

I got a $17 cut there and my hair's at least as long as your (although not as thick)

Tina said...

I've never been charged more when my hair was longer . . . what a con artist!!!

Alicia . . . I was looking at your hair the other day and I wanted to offer to come flat iron it for you. . . . would you be game for that? I think I could get it straighter than you do . . . . food for thought!

I don't let the hair stylist cut my hair wet, NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY! I flat iron it before I go, and tell them that I have really curly hair and that I don't want it washed. The lady that cuts my hair has curlier hair than mine and understands. Her name is Julie and she works at the hair cuttery by the Giant on 301. I'm not one that has to spend a fortune on my hair . . . although I do put out the bucks for good hair products, they make a HUGE difference!

LeeAnn said...

Well, to me $31 for a hair cut is a bargain. Unless of course it was a bad hair cut then it's highway robbery! CAll around to places and ask if they have stylists who "specialize" in naturally curly hair. You may be surprised that you will find one who knows what they are doing. Unfortunately for your pocket book you may have to spend more than $31.

Cunningham Blog said...

Oooh! Fun Tina! I'm always looking for someone to do my hair -- one of the reasons I love going to Utah is that my nieces will flatiron it and brush it forever. It's lovely. I can usually get it pretty straight but then I leave it alone for a day or two. So what you may see on Sunday may have been flat-ironed on Friday. I definitely cannot wake up early enough on Sunday to do it that morning. A bad part of early morning meeting schedule.

Tina said...

Set a date Alicia . . . I'm available until the 1st of April.

Browne Towne said...

My neighbor cuts hair, I'll ask her how good she is with curly hair. She just cuts hair in her home, she cuts my hair. You could get it cut and I can play with Molly!!!