Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Girls Make Me Smile

I have to say, my girls make me smile.

Emma: I heard Emma tell Macey a little while ago that if Macey did not start being nice we were giving her to the neighbor. I have no idea where she came up with that one! But it did send Macey into a little bit of a panic.

Macey: On Tuesdays we go to story time at the library. After story time, the girls pick out a movie and a book. We read the books before school and watch the videos when we get home. This week they chose Cinderella II and Barbie: Island Princess. At the end of Island Princess, the Prince and the Princess kiss. I heard Macey giggle when they kissed. How cute is that?

Molly: Molly is a trip. A regular hoot and a holler. She has a lot of attitude in her little 11 pound body. She knows what she likes and she's willing to wait you out to get it. But, she makes me laugh when she toots. With Garry gone I've been downing a lot of soda because he is not here to give me a hard time about it. Unfortunately a lot of that carbonation is going to Molly. Wow, she toots. And toots. And it's adorable because she lifts her little legs and tries to grab her feet giving you a great view of her little butt. STEADY. AIM. FIRE. Adorable.


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LeeAnn said...

Totally agree, your girls are cute!

Tina said...

be happy she's able to toot . . . or you'd be off your soda!!! lol