Friday, March 6, 2009

I Knew I Was Cool!

The girls have show and tell every Friday. We are given a bag on Thursday and told a theme and then Garry and I work with the girls on what they want to take and what they are going to say.

This week the theme was Careers. The kids were to bring in something that represented their parent's job. I asked the girls if they wanted to talk about Momma's job (lawyer? music teacher?) or Dadda's job (Navy).

The girls went back and forth, depending on their mood. Finally Emma said that she wanted to take something of Momma's. "Okay, which job?"

"Um, you do the laundry. I could take laundry!" she answered.

For the love, why did I go to school FOREVER?

I told her no laundry.

I wish I could tell myself no laundry.

I digress.

This morning I brought the girls a boat and a maraca. I told them to pick. One daughter could talk about Dadda's job (Navy) and one daughter could pick my job (music). Emma picked the boat.

But when we picked them up from school and asked how it went, Emma was very upset. "I wanted to talk about Momma's job!" she cried. I guess Macey's maraca was a hit. I knew I was cool!


Sylvia said...

Hey...I've never seen you play the maracas in Primary.I always knew you were cool with or without Asian mass produced musical instruments.

LeeAnn said...

I concure with Sylvia! Knew you were cool way before your kids did, but that's just how life goes. We are cool last in thier eyes!