Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big Day For The Cunninghams!

It was a big day for the Cunningham family, today! We went to the National Kite Festival at the National Mall. This is me holding Macey's Barbie kite. Molly is in the stroller.
This is Emma running with her kite, waiting for the wind to whisk it away. She did great!

This is Emma with her Barbie kite.
We were getting cold and so we went to the Air & Space Smithsonian and looked at planes and planes and more planes. Then we went to Krispy Kreme for some donuts and Fuddruckers for lunch. Fabulous!

And since it was Molly's 4 Month Birthday, she got to try rice cereal today! This is a before shot. Happy Molly!

This is a during shot. Suspicious Molly.

This is an after shot. Sad Molly.

Fabulous day!


The GruCru said...

I feel for Molly. Your first shot at variety in months and you get rice cereal

Sylvia said...

No wonder Molly's ate Krispy Kremes and Fuddruckers and all she had was bland rice cereal...can you really blame her?
By the way...I think that, that is actually your Barbie kite

Shelly said...

So fun! We were there too. Too bad we didn't hook up. That Molly is the cutest thing ever!

LeeAnn said...

Dittos to Sylvia's comment! It makes me sad just thinking about it! Rice cereal vs Krispy Kremes and Fuddruckers. Oh how cruel life can be for one so young!