Monday, March 2, 2009

Crazy Beautiful

Wow, the last few days have been really busy. Here's a collection of pictures of my crazy beautiful girls.
Macey in the snow. She lasted about five minutes.

Emma at her first dentist appointment. She took it all in like a champ!

Macey's Princess Party! Nine little princesses present -- they all looked beautiful! Emma was Belle and Emma was Sleeping Beauty.

Hah! This is Macey with her hand in a bag full of marshmellows on her birthday. I came downstairs and caught her -- just like this. I asked, "Macey, are you eating marshmellows?" To which she replied, "No."

This is Molly watching me jam with Guitar Hero.

Garry thought Molly would look super cute in the girls' doll stroller. Molly disagreed. The sheer look of indignant embarrassment is priceless.

We only took group shots the day that we blessed Molly so here are some of just her in the beautiful dress my Mom bought for her. Bald truly is beautiful, especially with that smile.

Macey in the dress Grammy bought her for her birthday. She said she felt like a ballerina. Obviously she's never been to a ballet, but she's still crazy beautiful.

Molly in a dress from Grammy. Instead of bloomers it came with a built-in onesie. How wonderful is that?

Emma decided that it would be really fun to put handsoap in Macey's hair. Macey disagreed, but we got her to smile for the camera before we helped her wash it out.


Kiersten said...

Great pictures! I love the one of Molly in the stroller and the one of her in her blessing dress, she is adorable.

The GruCru said...

love the pics. My kid's love the doll stroller pic too and her gorgeous big blue eyes

Sylvia said...

i love groupie Molly watching her Mom rock the Guitar Hero...sweet. Your girls are so cure :)