Friday, April 23, 2010

That's A Bad Sign

For those following our house hunt, here's the Pottery Barn house I posted about a few days ago. Looking at it now, I can see why Garry was having none of it. It is kind of pink, eh? This seems to be a favorite color for houses built in the 90s out here. We are still waiting to hear back from the Bank of America regarding whether they will let us buy or even just rent the Esperanza house. We are frustrated, and I look for houses several times a day on because I would like to find something we could just buy now. Who could have foreseen such a time as this when you had to wait months to hear back on a house?!?!

In my search, I have been amused by comments made by realtors in the little paragraph describing the house. I know it's in bad shape if they praise the shed out back. And for some reason, RV parking is a BIG deal out here. If they have it, it's listed up front and center. One realtor wrote "Bring your imagination. . ." Wow, that's a bad sign.


LeeAnn said...

Do you wonder if the realators have to take creative writing courses for thier job?

LeeAnn said...

Seriously-these comment sections need spell check!

The GruCru said...

I'm always concerned when they are overly proud of ceiling fans. My current pet peeve is the lack of photography skills. Dark and blurry make me wonder what they're hiding.