Sunday, April 4, 2010

Constant Bathroom Duty

While we have been looking for a house, I have been duped many times by a great photographer.

I'll get really excited about a house and then find out that it was not very well thought out: there's no room for a dining room table, the garage is not accessible, the bathroom is part of the master bedroom -- no wall, no division, just hello toilet!

So we have gotten better at reading the property details before we go and look at a house or get too excited. Like this house. Isn't she pretty? I think it's a great house! But, we never looked at this house because we found out under the property details that it only had three bedrooms. . .but seven bathrooms.


Why would you put seven bathrooms in your home???


Erin said...

Wha??? That makes no sense.

The GruCru said...

My every kid had there own bathroom, which sounds like heaven to me-just wait a few years. Riley is praying we can find a house w/ 3 and she doesn't have to share w/ the boys anymore.

Kiersten said...

That's crazy...maybe the previous owners had problems holding it so they always needed one nearby :)

Jana said...

That doesn't quite add up, but having Crohn's I don't see a problem with seven bathrooms. :)