Monday, April 19, 2010

Salivating Over Drawers

On Friday we looked at a great house about a mile from my sister's house. It was like walking through a Pottery Barn cataloge. I loved the house, and my kids were playing so HAPPILY in the backyard. I was ready to sign on any line of any paper they gave me.

But then Garry pointed out some flaws, and I realized that the house was beautiful because of her furnishings. What would it look like with my stuff? Not as spectacular, that was for sure.

But I still wanted Garry to consider it, but he still preferred the Esperanza house. To exercise the ghost of Esperanza, we went back and saw it on Sunday. We have not seen it for over three months; we probably romanticized it. It was probably NOT that fabulous.

Nope, still fabulous. Check out the kitchen.
In my townhouse I had two dawers. In this apartment I have had a wonderful five. I looked at all of the drawers in Esperanza -- I lost count. She has a million, especially in the island.

See, isn't this house worth living in cramped quarters surrounded by questionable neighbors for months on end? Well, today it is. I make no promises about tomorrow.


The GruCru said...

truly amazing-hope you can have us over for dinner sometime and cook for us in it

LeeAnn said...

It is a very nice kitchen. I wonder though, why is a kitchen such a big draw to us women cause the majority of us really don't like to be in there no matter how nice it is!

Lisa said...

While we were house hunting, I discovered I am a total sucker for staging. Put a cute dining room set and couches in the living/dining room of the worst rathole and I'd at least CONSIDER it. Ack, dumb!

Jessica said...

For the love! When will know about Esperanza house?

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous!!!!! I love the kitchen. Stupid banks!