Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Super Score!

This is only Week 2 of soccer, and so perhaps it is a little early to get overly confidant, but Garry's little soccer team is fabulous!

Their only problem is running up the score. They often beat their little opponents by at least 10 points, but how can you tell little ones not to score? Emma helped out last week by kicking a ball into the opponents goal, and we thought that showed great sportsmanship on her part.

I was worried about the team last week. The coach for these 4 & 5 year olds came with bleachers for his team! Our poor kids sat on the grass while they sat in crazy luxury only Sports Authority can provide. I also realized that he had an accent and beautiful olive-toned skin.

"Good heavens," I thought. "I bet he's from Brazil and has been playing this game since he could walk and has been grooming this team since they could walk. We're in trouble."

But no, we smashed 'em. Go Team!

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Stephanie said...

Too cute! Go Emma and Macey!