Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Beautiful Back-Up

We've had some good news lately! HOORAY! The home we have been waiting for, lovingly known as the Esperanza house, had its third Best Price Offer (BPO) done on Friday. It's an appraisal for banks that tells them what a good offer is for the home. This is one step closer to a decision from the bank, and we are grateful it is done. What we hope for now is that it is a low number, something we can afford!

We found a back-up though, this beautiful home in Riverton. The current owner is a general contractor, and he put in some beautiful finishes in this home. It's actually 1000 square feet smaller than Esperanza, but its layout makes sense and so you do not miss the space. It has four bedrooms and a laundry room upstairs, a nice great room, a den, and a finished basement. The deck needs some work, but the landscaping is 100 percent done! We're actually third in line for this house (it's another short sale) but it's taken a long time to process and so the other offers may have given up and moved on. At least that's what we hope!

We are grateful for the good news and pray more is coming! We cannot wait to move into a home!


The GruCru said...

you're due some good news.

Kiersten said...

Good luck! Both houses look amazing :)

Stephanie said...

Woo hoo! They are both beautiful!