Monday, April 26, 2010

Okay, We're Even

Garry is a very tidy person. He never makes big messes, except in the kitchen when preparing a new masterpiece, and I guess it's for that reason that I am really hard on him with the small messes that he might make. Shoes that do not get put away, towels hung on the closet door instead of in the bathroom, socks, oh the socks! Little, little things.

We're had discussions about the towels, and actually he's gotten really good at it. I pointed out that there was not a "towel fairy" that was moving the towel from the closet door back to the bathroom everyday. It was me. And I already had three kids to look after, blah, blah, blah.

But, like I said, his towel habits are almost perfect now -- at least much better than mine. But his new weakness is shoes!! In our "luxury apartment" we do not have a coat closet. So there are two different slots I invented for shoes. And somehow his shoes never make it into those slots.

The other day I was grumbling about now being the "shoe fairy" but then I imagined all of the times I use my VISA during the week. And I realized that there was not a "VISA fairy" that magically came along and worked and paid the bill.

And I realized -- we're even.

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