Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm Sorry, Do I Know You?

On Friday afternoon I went with two of my sisters and two of my nieces home to Idaho Falls. I took Emma & Macey with me. They were so excited about this 'big girl trip' that they wanted to pack days and days in advance and practiced sleeping in their sleeping bags for a week.

Molly got left behind. She got a little one-on-one quality time with her Dad. I think that she enjoyed the unfettered access to all of the toys and the attention. They went out to eat, to visit with family, to BYU Football's Spring Training to check out the new freshman. She was busy!

We came home on Sunday afternoon, and I was not sure what Molly would do when she saw me. Did she even notice that I was gone? Or would she cling to my leg and not even let me leave the room?

I guess she noticed that I was gone because she completely ignored me. She wouldn't look at me, kept her back to me, absolutely would not let me hold her. She just sat with her Dad and did not say a single peep to me.

It was a thorough punishment. . .just in case I thought about doing something like that ever again.


Tina said...

What smarties those little ones are!!! Just like a cat who decides to pee in all your shoes when you're gone . . . . sorry, bad analogy!!!

The GruCru said...

We went on a cruise when Eddie was about that old. He didn't want anything to do w/ us when we got back.