Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Back Up to the Back Up

Yesterday we put another offer on another house (and yes, even though it's a new construction it's still a short sale because even the builders are upside down). For those of you keeping track, this house is the fifth house we have put an offer on. I'm not crazy about this house. You cannot tell from this great picture but the neighbor to the East is only about two feet away. The lot size is only .16. The backyard is not landscaped -- just dirt, the fence is not in, there is a road in the back, the driveway is only about six feet long which means I'd have to keep ahold of my kids the minute I opened the front door because the road is RIGHT THERE.

The main floor is only 900 square feet, and that takes in the kitchen, dining room, living room, family room, and the master suite. In other words, it's tight! The saving grace of the whole house is the upstairs -- four bedrooms up. Which means each girl could have her own bedroom and we'd have one left over for a playroom.

So with all that is not great about this house, why did I put in an offer? The price. The asking price was $258,000. You can forgive a lot for $258,000.