Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All Of The Smiles Are Gone. . .

Today I took Molly and Macey to the doctor. (A big thank you to Tara for watching Emma!)
Macey went for her three-year well visit and Molly went for her 4 month. Macey just get weighed and checked but Molly got a shot.
Molly cried and cried after the shot, and when we got home I finally got her to take a nap. I realized that she was still having a hard time after the shots when I picked her up from her nap. All of my baby's beautiful smiles were gone! I did not get so much as a grin. Here's hoping that they come back tomorrow.

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Sylvia said...

Those poor babies and all those shots...luckily they forget quickly and the smiles come back. Molly is just so cute.