Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pay Up!

We started potty-training Macey on Inauguration weekend. Garry was home for several days and it was a good time to start the process. It's been over two months, and Macey is perfect with Number One. But she's doing horribly with Number Two.

We've tried everything! Truly. People have recommended it; we've tried it. Bribes of every kind. Alright, that did not work. Punishment when she had an accident. That really did not work. Nothing has worked. Macey is Macey and she does things on her time table and refuses to negotiate. I just could not find her currency -- something that she would work hard for.

But I do know she loves soccer and school.

She loves going to preschool and soccer so I told her that she could not go back to school or soccer until she was doing better at the ole Number Two. I figured that this was a win-win threat since it was Spring Break and she actually was not missing school -- she just felt like she was.
Monday went by. She had an accident. Fine! No soccer. No school. (There was no school anyway).

Tuesday went by. Success. All on her own. No threats, no medicine, no begging. Just happily on her own.

I was teaching piano, but when I was done she proudly told me of her success. "Now I can go to school!" she said.

Woops. Clearly I did not think this out very well.


Sylvia said...

Perhaps you could offer up some mommy home school...Peyton loves it.
Good job Macey...and you too Alicia :)

LeeAnn said...

Isn't it so just satisfying to find the right "currency!" Now she has time to practice her no mistake days before school is back in session!