Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This year we shared our Anniversary, April 12th, with Easter. But Garry made the day special by planning a trip to Hershey, PA. Who knew that my own personal heaven was a mere 150 miles away?
We took the girls to Chocolate World on Sunday and then headed back to the hotel, Hershey Hot Chocolates in hand!

On Monday I went to the Hershey Spa! You check in, get a comfy, heavy robe, slippers and taken to one of three waiting rooms. I mainly hung out in the Quiet Room because it had hot chocolate, chocolates, chocolate muffins. . .heaven. I thought that the slippers just came in "small", "medium" and "large" and so I lied about my shoe size! And felt stupid the rest of the morning, hobbling along!
The first step of the spa was a shower where you stand (in a swimsuit) in a circular room with all these jets coming from all angles and then one of the employees takes a power hose up one leg, up your back, down the other leg. And I just kept thinking, "Didn't a lady get turned into Child Protective Services for doing this to her daughter?"

After a stop to the Quiet Room, I had a milk & honey bath. They had lights in the bathtub that were synchronized with the music. Too fun. And on the side of the tub were more Hershey kisses. I ate 'em. Garry said they were probably just decoration, but why risk it?

Finally I had a cocoa massage. I made the mistake of talking to my massage therapist the whole time. I should have just shut up and tried to relax. It was still lovely.

After I ate a ton more Hershey Kisses and picked up another Hershey Cocoa. Garry picked me up with the girls and Macey asked if they were nice to me. We are not apart very often, and I guess she worries about me like I worry about her when she's in school.


Jessica said...

Bliss! Yay for you!

The GruCru said...

sounds like heaven

Kiersten said...

Hmm... I think we might have to go there!!
Happy Anniversary :)

Sylvia said...

Can you really go wrong with a place that has chocolate everywhere? I think not :)
Looks like a fun trip.

LeeAnn said...

Sweet! In all aspects!

Jana said...

Happy Anniversary. Sounds sweet!