Sunday, April 26, 2009

Going Around the Block

Garry and I used to watch "Everybody Loves Raymond" quite frequently. One episode we still laugh about is one where Ray gets busted by his wife for driving around the block a few times after work before he comes inside. Just a few more minutes of peace!

Last night we had a great time with my sister and her family. We went out to a Thai restaurant in Shirlington and then out for ice cream and finally back to their hotel for swimming. It was fun, but it was very late by the time that we pulled into the driveway.

Garry was in a separate car because he had to ref at a few flag football games earlier that day. I called him on his cell phone to warn him about 20 deer that were hanging out on a nearby road.

"Where are you?" I asked.

"Bensville." He answered.

Well, to me that meant four minutes away, but I should have remembered that Bensville is a very long road. I started getting the kids out of the van, hopeful that Garry would be right there.

And then the perfect storm hit.

Molly started screaming. Macey started crying really hard and then peed her pants. And Emma started yelling at Macey.

Still no Garry.

I put a screaming Molly in her bedroom, gave the wet and crying Macey a quick bath, and tried to help Emma get into her pajamas.

Still no Garry.

I got a cleaner Macey into her pajamas and then picked up a crying Molly and grabbed a diaper so I could change her.

Macey was still crying. Emma was still yelling.

Still no Garry.

Finally, Garry arrived and took over, trying to help Emma and Macey settle down.

And I had to wonder, since it took longer than I expected, did he hear the crying and screaming and decide to take a few more laps around the block?


Sylvia said...

In all honesty, can you blame him? One day you may feel the same inclination.

LeeAnn said...

One really knows with men, does one!?!