Thursday, April 9, 2009

Plead The Fifth

Garry just finished painting the second floor of our townhouse on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning I was feeding Molly while the girls were watching Mulan II when I looked over at one of the newly painted walls and saw deep, dark scribbles all over it.

I was shockoed because my girls rarely scribble on the walls and I could not believe that they would do it the morning after it got painted.

I put Molly down and demanded that both girls report to the scene of the crime.

"Alright, who did it?" I asked.

They both denied doing it and after repeated questioning were not turning on each other, either.

Finally, Emma could not take the pressure.

"Macey did it!" she said.

I thought it was Macey. Emma usually draws people and faces and this was just plain old scribble.

"Macey, did you draw on the wall?"

"No!" she said. But she was getting nervous. Her eyes kept shifting from her artwork, to her feet, to my angry face, back to her feet.

"Macey, did you use a pen or a pencil?" I asked.

"Pencil," she answered.



Sylvia said...

A new blank canvas...who can blame her? Well...other than you? Now that Garry is an expert painter, he should be able to fix it quickly.

LeeAnn said...

Leave it to a lawyer to ask the trick question!