Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have a dry sense of humor. I hope it's intelligent humor. I hope that it's witty. It may just be ridiculous, but I try.

I have realized lately though that my sense of humor is completely wasted on my kids.

I come up with the best one liners. Just fabulous zingers. And my kids totally miss it.

Like today. Macey needed to wear brown pants. She came downstairs holding black pants. "No, Macey, you need brown pants." I said. "Momma, these can be brown!" she answered.

"No Macey," I said, "black is not the new brown."

Dead silence. Crickets.

This is fabulous stuff and they are totally missing it!


Tina said...

Give her a few years . . . she'll get it. It may be a long time until she gets it but she will. I have a saying I say all the time, and just recently Halley, laughed and said, "I finally get the joke!"

LeeAnn said...

Your kids may not get it but we do, and we thank you for the laughs!