Monday, April 20, 2009

Pick Your Trash Carefully

In a dark corner of our townhome you will find the ugliest computer desk ever created.

It was purchased April 2003. From WalMart. $50.

It has a fake oak finish, and I have hated this desk from the moment we put it together.

When Garry and I moved into our first apartment in Alexandria, we needed a computer desk. And we needed a cheap one. And I wanted it fast. And therefore we ended up with the ugliest desk ever created.

In that first apartment we had a couch (now gone), a TV (now in the garage in storage) a table for the TV (now gone) a dining room table (now gone) a bed (still have the mattress, but everything else is gone) a dresser (gone) shelves in the bathroom (in the garage) bookcases (still have them, but they are lovely) and that stupid computer desk (still here).

Do you see the irony in that list?

That's right. The piece of furniture I hate the most is still kicking it in my home.

I've moved the thing five times, trying to find a spot where it does not look so darn ugly. I have given up. You just cannot hide ugly. And so here it sits in its ugly triumph.

But not for long! We mainly use our laptop and I just bought a WiFi printer (that is changing my life in so many blissful ways) and so it is time to retire the computer desk! Woohoo!

It's too big to throw away, so does anyone want it? It's free! And the faux oak finish has held up nicely.


On The Go Family said...

There's always It'll be gone in 10 minutes. You just leave it at the end of your driveway once someone agrees to come get it. No face-to-face interaction required (or scary Craigslist encounters.) Best part is you only have to haul it to the curb. The new owners do the rest.

We've gotten rid of quite a bit of our "just married" furniture this way.

LeeAnn said...

What I find amazing in this whole story is the fact that you have moved a Walmart $50 product more than once and it is still in one piece! I remember a wardrobe unit that I bought from said store and moved it once and we had to reinforce it after that!