Monday, April 27, 2009

Wow, That Would Be Embarrassing!

Have you ever had a close call in a store when your child got too close to a display and almost tipped it over?

Quickly you imagine in your mind HOW EMBARRASSING that would be. If something broke would you have to pay for it? Would you walk away and pretend that it was not your child that did THAT. How would you clean up the spillage and ruin? Or would you just apologize profusely and quickly leave?

Today I took all three girls to the grocery store. They asked if they were really good could they please have some donuts?

Um, there were no donuts and, yes, it was just as embarrassing as I always imagined it would be.


On The Go Family said...

My daughter tipped over a display at the library recently that was decorated with an old school roll of movie film. Yeah ... that was a doozie.

The most embarrassing part is that I was more concerned about the display than the child, while the librarian ran to her rescue and helped her up. What kind of mom am I???

Cunningham Blog said...

A very normal Mom, Trish! (Happy Birthday, by the way!) I told the Mom of one of my piano students and she asked if my daughter got hurt. Until that point, that thought had not even crossed my mind!

Sylvia said...

I pretty sure there are posters up at Gymboree store nationwide warning them about my children...everytime I take them in there, one of them touches the big hanging signs in the window and causes them to fall. Last time I heard the same familiar sound of a sign hitting pavement and started to yell and then realized it was actually my stupid purse. Needless to say...I'll avoid Gymboree for a while.

Kiersten said...

Oh no! Better luck on getting donuts next trip girls!