Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bunny or no Bunny?

I think that I was ten before I found out that there was a segment of the population that believed in an Easter Bunny. We never had an Easter Bunny in our house; my mother strongly believed that Christmas had been harmed through commericialization, and she was not going to allow "them" to ruin Easter, too.

I have been inconsistent with my own decision on the Easter Bunny. It's fun to have the girls look forward to the holiday, but they do not realize that there is more behind Easter than the hope of a chocolate bunny in their basket. Should I follow in my Mom's footsteps or have an Easter Bunny?

This year we have had an Easter Bunny. I must admit, I used it to encourage Macey in her long-suffering potty training. If she would just do better, I bet that the Easter Bunny would bring her a Tinkerbell dress!

Yesterday it all came back to haunt me. We were taking the girls to go see the Easter Bunny on Good Friday. Not the best of ideas. The line was very long, and I was hungry. Standing in line forever was not what I wanted to do.

"Girls," I said, "The line is really long. Maybe we should just come back later."

Emma panicked. "No!" she cried! "If we do not see the Easter Bunny we will not get anything for Easter!" I was trapped, and I had only myself to blame.


Cunningham Blog said...

oh dear, in her nightly prayer Emma thanked Heavenly Father for the Easter Bunny. I am surely going to hell now.

Sylvia said...

It's so ironic that you are blogging about this because the kids and I had a lenghty discussion about why there's an Easter bunny and what Easter really is. Brighton got it...Peyton still thinks Jesus might be in with the bunny.

LeeAnn said...

Can I just say that I am so glad that my kids are "all growed up now" and I don't have to try and explain the Easter Bunny! Whew! What a relief!

Tina said...

Alicia, I think your mother and I have a lot in common!!! I would have done away with the Easter Bunny, but Lincoln had HIS say about it!!!

On The Go Family said...

We do the bunny but have scaled WAY back from what we had when we grew up.

For one, we do baskets on the day BEFORE Easter so we can separate the secular celebration from the true holiday.

Also, we keep it really simple with one or two candy items and one or two small outdoor toys. Last year we did bubbles and sunglasses. This year we did velcro catching mitts and bubble wands.

It's a hard balance between cutting out the commercialization and making it fun for your kids. (Not that there aren't a million fun things you could do for Easter without doing the bunny gig.) Interestingly, the first thing our 4-year-old said when she saw her basket was: "Is Mommy the Easter Bunny?"