Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It Was More Like A "Week"

Macey's birth'day' was more like a birth'week'. But few little girls deserve it more! The week started with the Primary singing to her and getting a treat from the Bishop. Unfortunately, I took Molly with me to pick up the treat. When she realized it was only for Macey, oh, she howled! Is there anything worse than your sister's birthday?
For her birthday party we had 12 little girls come. It was a Rapunzel theme, and she picked out a Rapunzel cake.
All the little girls dressed up. Macey was Rapunzel. Garry got the girls a pinata. No one was hurt -- though the stick was huge and these girls were crazy swingers. We also played "Put Cinderella In Her Window" -- a different version of Pin The Tail on the Donkey. Macey won.

Garry picked up a Rapunzel cut-out and the girls all got their pictures taken with her.

They had a little ball, all dressed up and ready to dance!

They also decorated little princess purses.

Every little girl got a lip gloss, a body glitter and had their nails painted at a table manned by my nieces.

On her ACTUAL birthday, Macey had cupcakes and family over. Check out her pants. So cute! $2.37 from Carters. Thank you, thank you very much.

We also went out to dinner at Macey's favorite place (and, okay, mine) Red Robin (I LOVE their chicken sandwich!) with my sister and her family. Macey got a huge piece of cake but did not want to be sung to.

Before we went out to dinner I took the girls to Barnes & Noble and let Macey pick out a book. Tangled, of course. She also got a free cupcake. We then went to Family Fun Center where they went to the bounce zone. When we arrived who was in line in front of her but her BEST friend from dance class and preschool -- Aubrey. Perfect, unbelievable timing and Macey was so excited. What are the chances of that? It helped me see God in the little details of our lives and helped me realize how much He loves this little girl.

Her big present this year was a doll house. Okay, our house officially looks like an aisle in Target, but I love my girls.

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Grammy said...

What a Princess - I love this girl too!!