Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Weirdest Day. . .

Yesterday was just weird. Emma went to school, and I took my two little ones to my sister's house so she could watch them while I went to the doctor.

I picked them up, got lunch ready, got Emma home, and rushed them over to a friend's house so I could attend a work meeting.

When I picked them up, a neighbor girl came by on her bike and asked Emma and Macey if they could play. And so they rode bikes for awhile and then went to her house.

The neighbor girl's Mom just had surgery a month ago. Not wanting to burden her, I went to pick up the girls after an hout and a half.

On our way home, another neighbor girl dropped by and asked if they could come over to her house and play. And while they were down the street, Molly took a nap.

So. . . .I sat. And put my feet up. And watched Reality TV.

My kids normally have two playdates a week. Never four in one day. So whoever read my post about the busyness of this week and prayed that I would find relief, I THANK YOU because I had an amazing break and my kids had fun!!


Tina said...

Maybe more people read it than you think ;) glad you had an easy day! said...

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