Sunday, March 27, 2011

All That Was Actually Needed. . .

I have recruited my girls into my crazy nesting behaviour, and yesterday they really helped me get ready. They love to spray things and wipe things down, and so I put them to work. One job in particular had to get done: the french doors going into the library. The glass desperately needed cleaned from the million, bazillion little fingerprints that were all over. So I gave Macey her spray and her paper towels and she went to work. I soon noticed, however, that she could only clean up to about 48 inches. That was as far as she could reach. I made a mental note to come down later and finish the rest of the glass. But when I came down, the doors looked great! Only the bottoms got cleaned, around my kids height and reach, but ironically that was all that needed cleaned. A coincidence? Perhaps.

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