Friday, March 18, 2011

The Meanest, Nastiest Leprechaun Ever. . .

Yesterday I picked up little Macey from her Pre-K program. Usually she runs out to the van by herself but yesterday her teacher came with her. Uh, oh. Since Macey is never, ever in trouble and the teachers never have to talk to me about anything, I was afraid that I was about to get volunteered for something. . .
Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, the teacher wanted to let me know Macey had a hard time at school. They went on a leprechaun hunt outside and when they came back inside the leprechaun had made a mess in the classroom and left some candy.

She was happy to take her three pieces of candy but was TERRIFIED that the leprechaun was still in the house and she cried and cried.

I promised her that there were no leprechauns in our house and things would be fine. But then she went to a neighborhood St. Patrick's Day party where the kids had to find candy and treasure left by the leprechauns. Oh, she was terrified that a leprechaun was lurking around the corner and had a hard time, but was, once again, happy to take the candy.

When she got home, she refused to go anywhere by herself and threw a fit when I asked her to take something upstairs.

Who knew a little green guy with candy could be so scary?


Tina said...

I guess he and Santa are terrifying to young children . . . . lol!

I've never heard of this Leprechaun business . . . . I guess it must be all the rage in Utah???? hmmmmmmmmm.

I didn't even know it was St. Paddy's day until mid-day . . . . Didn't wear green. . . . and none of my piano students dared pinch me.

I just know you wanted to know all this information ;) right??? ha!

Kiersten said...

Ha ha!
I love it that she had no trouble taking the candy though :) said...

Poor Macey