Friday, March 25, 2011

Why I Think It's A. . .

People in Utah are chatty and friendly. And so lately I have had the opportunity in public venues (Target, grocery store, restaurants, etc.) to talk about the new baby. These complete strangers will see all of my girls and ask what I am having this time.

I'll tell them that we do not know and the next question is 'are you going to find out?'

To which I tell them, 'well, sure, in a few days. . .'

Alright, I only have a few more days left, why would I cave now and find out? But that does not mean that I do not think about it. And I have concluded that I am having a boy.

And yes, 95% of that is probably wishful thinking, but I can explain the other 5%.

First, I was not as sick with this baby as I was with Emma, Macey and certainly not Molly who nearly wiped me out.

Second, well, I think back on my pregnancy with Molly and remember how much she loved music. When I would teach piano, she would 'wake up' and move around and kick. Just like she does now whenever she hears music ;) She loved/loves music, just like her Mom.

This baby does not react to much. Voices, touch, etc., it is pretty indifferent. But this baby will always, always wake up when I eat. When I went to the hospital a few days ago, they tried to "wake up" the baby by having me change positions three times, then they brought in a small vibrating device to "buzz" the baby's head. TWICE. Finally, they gave me apple juice. And guess which one worked? This baby is a fan of food. . .to me, it sounds like a boy.

2 comments: said...

I don't know how you're waiting. But it will make the baby's birth more interesting for the rest of us. Most of the time it's only interesting if the baby is really small or really large or if you name the baby something awful.

Natalie C. said...

Hey Alicia! I just figured out how to read blogs on my phone as I'm hanging out at a 2+ hour baseball practice- something you might be able to look forward to if it's a boy! Well, I'm excited for you & anxious to hear... :)!!