Monday, March 14, 2011

Is This My Form of Labor?

This weekend was a little on the long side. On Friday night I had a small bout of pregnancy insomnia and so when Garry took the girls to the grocery store for their weekly outing, I went back to sleep!

Afterwards we got ready to go to IKEA to get a dresser for the baby (to hold all of the clothes we have not bought. . .) and then took the girls swimming at the pool. Then we came home and cleaned up before the missionaries came over for dinner.

And that was the end of good times. I got really sick, could not breathe, felt really hot, threw up, felt like I could not walk another step or this kid was just going to fall out! Since I do not have progressive contractions that do anything like normal labor, I was left wondering, Is this my form of labor? I would have small contractions and the baby would get so agitated -- as if to say I don't know what's going on here, but I think I want out.

Yesterday I stayed in bed most of the day, and a lot of the pain went away. But I need to talk to my doctor on Wednesday and see if we need to move the c-section up.

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Stephanie said...

Alicia!!! That's awful! I'm so sorry!