Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Much Needed Test Run/A Problem With Definitions

A few weeks ago when I started getting sick and struggling with contractions, I did not want to go to the hospital because I just was not ready. There was not a single thing ready for this baby, and I knew I had work to do.

Last week when I went into the hospital I felt a little bit better but there was still some things that needed to get done. I had to get serious about getting things together.

Like the cameras.

I asked Garry if they were ready, and he said yes.

So imagine my surprise when I took Emma to her show to perform at Legacy House when I took out the camera, turned it on, and it turned itself off because of a low battery. And I'd turn it on, and it would turn itself off.

And it's not a regular battery -- it's a special, charge in the wall with a little device, battery. It's not something we could run out to Target to get at the last minute. I was so relieved that we had this camera "test run" because imagine if we had taken it to the hospital????

The next day I talked to my friend down the street about Emma's show and the failure of the camera. I told her that I was grateful for the "test run" because the cameras were supposed to be ready.

She laughed and explained that women look at "ready" with particular, minute details in mind. Men look at "ready" to mean: can I find it?

It's fine now -- we're charged and ready to go!


Hygge Man said...

Silly husbands... Maybe that's why polygamists have so many wives--makes the men look smart(er)

Meg said...

Well, it could be worse...your husband could forget to bring the camera to the hospital with him!! Yes, that happened to us...even after I asked if he had "everything"! How do you forget the camera???