Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why Scoping Things Out Is Stupid

The other day my friend told me about a tree she bought at the Boise Costco while she was there for the weekend. It's a cherry tree but it has all types of cherries grafted onto it -- so you can get four different types of cherries on one tree.

I love cherries. Really, I do. So I was excited to tell Garry about it. And the next day I told him that I was going to Costco to see if out local Costco also carried these trees.

I was so excited to see that our local Costco not only had them but had lots. They had plum trees, apple trees, cherry trees, pear trees and then they had these combo trees where different varities were graafted in to one tree. And they were only $16 for a four foot tree!

I called Garry to see what he wanted me to buy (i.e., how many) and was dismayed to hear he did not want any of them. It's still literally freezing here, not exactly planting weather, and he wanted to know where I was going to plant it.

"But you knew I was coming! Why didn't you tell me you didn't want one before?" I asked. To which he answered that he thought I was just scoping things out -- on an expedition to see if they had them and no more.

That's silly. Who takes three kids across the valley to Sandy just to see if Costco has something? Truly, it makes no sense.

I'm tree-less. I'm cherry-less. But I know they are there. And as soon as I am strong enough to dig a big old hole, I'm buying one.


Emily Heider said...

If you want one, put it in your garage until you are strong enough to dig a hole, because they'll last like a week at Costco before they're gone! ;-) But they do have them every year!

LeeAnn said...

It's a guy thing to just go and "scope things out." Duane does it all the time! My days of having to haul all the kids somehwere are still in tack. If I am going out to shop I will buy!

Tina said...

Lincoln does the same thing . . . says we'll go back later . . . . . . we never do. I don't see why we just don't get the item while we are in the store .. . . . but wait . . . . this is his way of getting OUT of buying it!!!

I'd say get the trees also, put them in your garage. There is a reason they are in the store NOW. I believe trees need to be planted pretty early in the season. I guess you'll have to "scope" that out also! said...

Do cherry trees need to be planted in pairs like peach trees? I have no idea, but maybe you should just buy 2. The blossoms are so pretty

Lance said...

I agree with everyone else. It will survive in your garage. Tell G you want it planted as a push present. Or put it in his parking spot so he has to get out to move it. He'll do something with it then. Just maybe something you won't like. : )

Stephanie said...

Dang it, I did it again, signed in as Lance!