Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Art Imitating Life

On Monday night Garry and I watch the TV show "Chuck" together. It's our tradition. I use to think that the show was okay but really like it since Chuck has become the "intercept" and is a to-the-rescue kind of guy.
This last Monday Chuck ran into his brother-in-law outside of their condo. His brother-in-law, Dr. Awesome, was getting prepared to go home where, he told Chuck, his wife made up for having no one to talk to all day by talking and talking and talking to him the minute he walked in the door. We then see the sister go on a babbling streak.
Can you believe that my husband had the nerve to chuckle heartily at this part of the show? As if he could relate to Dr. Awesome's pain? As if he had been through this very thing himself and thought it was hilariously funny to see it displayed on one of his favorite shows?
It's hard being a stay-at-home Mom. I still think that I'm not very good at it and think often about going back to work. And having people to talk to! And apparently I am not alone!

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Jennifer Griffith said...

Hahahaha. I am SO there. Oh, and my "word verification" below is "gront." Is that a sign?