Monday, March 28, 2011

She's Oriented!

Friday I left Emma & Molly with my sister and Macey and I went to Kindergarten Orientation!

I was looking forward to it because Macey is usually my best-behaved kid in public. I thought that I could sit back and kind of relax while they were presenting the information. Instead, Macey was crazy excited and hyper and I found myself wrestling her to the chair every few seconds!

She got all of her forms and a goody bag from the teachers. She's excited to go to school in August!


Tina said...

Wow, that must be pure torture for a little kid to be oriented in March and go to school in August!!!

Cunningham Blog said...

True, they get you excited about going, and then you have to wait. But they passed out materials -- what they wanted your child to know before they started. So they give you some time so you can work with your student. said...

I thought that was really early too

Tina said...

So they want you to do their work for them???? (a little tongue in cheek, just a little)

thanks for commenting on my comment . . . . you very rarely do that ;) I feel honored!