Monday, October 19, 2009

What Would You Trade? What Would You Pay?

My Dad always talks about how strong I am. Not physically. Just with regard to determination and goal-setting. But he warned me that when I get sick I allow even the littlest thing to overwhelm me.

Not that losing thousands of dollars is a "little thing" but neither is it the end of the world that I feared it might be. This weekend I thought a lot about the challenges and trials friends and family members are facing. Would they trade their trial with ours? Would they pay $18,000 to make it all go away. Almost definitely.

How lucky and how blessed we are that our "trial" had a price tag on it and with the help of friends and family we are finding a way out.

Money is just money, and I do feel bad about all of the DRAMA. Hopefully from here on out I can go back to loving and laughing and joy. . .through editing, of course.

1 comment:

Tina said...

$18,000 is nothing to sneeze at!!! I could feel your pain, and hopefully it is over now!

(yep, if I could throw 18G's at my problems and have them go away, I'd probably do it!)