Monday, October 5, 2009

Macey Goes To School!

Macey has started preschool again! After watching Emma go to school for several weeks now, she has been anxious for her turn. We took her to the mall and let her pick out a new outfit. This is what she picked out -- a little Tinkerbell outfit and matching vest. Very cute.

This year at school is a little different for Macey. Last year she went with Emma and had lots of friends there from church. This year it's just her! I felt a little sad as I dropped her off, she seemed so alone, but she yelled out "Bye Mama!" and waved as I headed out the door.

When I picked her up I asked her if she had made any new friends and she said, "No, but I rode a bike." Well, that's something!


Browne Towne said...

look at that cute little crinkled nose!!!

The GruCru said...

is the grumpy mom still there?