Monday, October 26, 2009

Can You Take The East Coast Out Of The Girl?

I moved here in January of 1998. I spent six years in Virginia and five years in Maryland.

In a few weeks this girl is leaving the East Coast, but I wonder how hard it will be for the East Coast to get out of the girl.

For example, on Thursday my brother-in-law recommended a realtor that might be able to help us find a house to rent and then buy when it was time. I promptly sent her an email at 1:00 pm and waited and waited for her reply. Nothing on Thursday. Nothing on Friday. Nothing on Saturday.

I talked to Stephanie about whether I should find someone else. Could I rely on someone that did not check and respond to email immediately? Stephanie suggested I give her until Monday.

I called my sister and explained that this woman was not responding to email. "Did you try calling her?" she asked.

Pick up the phone? What! Isn't everyone a slave to their I-PHONE, Blackberry, or at least laptop?

Apparently not. She did respond to my email and asked that I call her anytime. ON THE PHONE. Sigh.


Shelly said...

Are you kidding me? What would I ever do if I went back West? I've become too much of an East coaster. Good luck!

Stephanie said...

Oh that stinks! I do almost everything by online. I try in my life to not have to get on the phone if I don't have to (unless it's to call you, that I enjoy.) I need to make an appointment for Rory's well visit and keep thinking, man I wish I could just do that online. Find a Realtor that's attached to the blackberry. : ) There's got to be one somewhere in Utah.

The GruCru said...

I'd get a new one. Even before I moved her, I expect people that I hire to get back to me ASAP! According to the news, the reality bussiness is a little slow, so there should be someone eager to get back to you.