Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Have You Done THIS?

Yesterday Emma woke up and was feeling a little warm. But, then again, my hands are cold and so I think that everyone always has a fever. But, she was a little lethargic, too, and just wanted to cuddle on the couch.

Garry is usually our point-man-in-charge of all sicknesses, but I tried to fill in since he is gone. I gave her some Motrin, dressed her warmly, and tried to feed her breakfast.

The Motrin did the trick and soon she was her bouncing, jumping, climbing off EVERYTHING self. So, I sent her to school.

A few hours later she came off the bus, looking like death warmed over.

"I have a fever," she told me. "School wrote you a note."

Oh no! A note home from school, probably demanding to know why I sent my child to school with a fever and clearly sick and telling me that Emma was not to come back to school. Didn't they know the magic that Motrin can work? Didn't they know that when I sent her to school she was fine? I braced for the unkind words surely written on the pages.

Instead, I found a quick note saying that Emma was not herself that day, they took her to the nurse, and she had a temperature of 99 degrees.

Today she is home; we're kickin' it and watching movies. She is probably well enough for school, but I am not going to risk THAT again. Can you imagine what her teachers would think if I did that two days in a row?


Tina said...

You can get a 99 from not drinking enough water . . . pretty soon you'll have the note saying "your child has missed X amount of days from school" and making you feel like a scuzz bucket all over again! Don't sweat it!!!

Sylvia said...

Mine convinced me that her belly and head hurt to stay home and only after the bus came and left did she fess up to "joking" me...needless to say I took an unhappy girl to school.

Jana said...

That's a tough call, but I would have done the same thing. Billy would have gone to school, too.

Stephanie said...

Is 99 degrees even a temperature? : ) Okay, it's my fault I'm the one that said you should just send her to school. But I think the schools say to err on the side of sending them to school, if there isn't anything known really wrong with them (like the flu.) I have some stories for you!