Thursday, October 1, 2009

Falling Through The Cracks

Today Macey started preschool at First Flight. (Pictures to follow soon!) Having one daughter in preschool and one in Pre-K creates an interesting schedule.

First, we take Macey to preschool. We leave at 11:40, get there at 11:55, sign her in, and go home.

Then I have a short, useless amount of time until I walk with Emma at 12:30 so that she can make her 12:40 bus.

Then I take Molly home and we chill until I leave to pick up Macey at 1:40. There's a longer break and then I leave to get Emma from the bus stop at 4:15.

This afternoon around 1:30 I was congratulating myself for getting the girls where the needed to be on time when I looked at Molly and thought, "Hmmm....when was the last time you ate?"

Poor Molly. It's a busy schedule and something has to give.


The GruCru said...

At least she wasn't screaming-I hate the spare 20 minutes

LeeAnn said...

And you willingly wished for and accepted this crazy schedule!?! Man, I thought half day kindergarten was bad!