Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Emma!

On Sunday Emma turned five years old! Because her birthday was on a Sunday, she essentially had a birthday weekend since she took cupcakes to school on Friday, had a party and went out to dinner on Saturday, and then had her actual birthday and friends over for pie on Sunday. Cupakes, cake, ice cream, pie! What a weekend! In fact, on Sunday morning when Emma told Macey that it was her birthday, Macey honestly said, "Again?" Emma opening presents on her birthday.
Taking cupcakes to her school. How fun!
Hanging with her sisters at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Party time at Chuck E. Cheese's!

Emma is a fabulous girl. She loves to draw and play with Molly. They are best friends, and I am a little jealous over how much Molly loves her big sister. When Molly sees Emma's bus in the afternoon, she starts waving like crazy and yelling "EMMA! EMMA!" Um, she doesn't do that when Garry & I come home.

Emma loves to climb trees, she is trying to learn how to swing all by herself, and she is getting really good at the monkey bars. She just started dance class, and loves to be a ballerina princess. She also does well at soccer and has a mean kick -- scholarship material for sure!
We love our Emma!


LeeAnn said...

Happy Birthday Emma! Sounds like you hade a great one!

Jana said...

Happy Birthday, Emma! What an awesome birthday weekend.