Sunday, October 18, 2009


I have noticed that when I see someone go through a really hard time, I judge what they are going through and mentally go through all of the reasons why I would never be in such a similar situation.

But here I am, in a tough situation (see provious blogs). We never knew that a job offered in June and benefits promised in writing in July would still not be processed and available in October. It's not life and death. Everyone is strong and healthy, and Garry still has a great job that provides for us. We are blessed. But I still worry about losing the money we have saved to take to Utah and buy a new home. Without that, what will we do? Rent? Where? For how long?

But over the last few weeks I have received a crash course in compassion. The next time I see someone struggle and worry about their future and their family and their home, I hope I will not judge. I hope that I will remember, express sympathy and understanding, and extend help.


The GruCru said...

Even in the best of situations moving is awful. It must be especially frustrating when you were promised things that aren't happening. I'm praying a miracle your way. Or maybe we should make a Ruth voodoo doll and get her to do here job.

Tina said...

Each situation you go through makes you a bit more compassionate towards your fellow man that is FOR SURE! I guess this is what this journey called life is all about!