Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yesterday I was reading an article in an old Newsweek about lucky people -- people who seem to survive anything and come through feeling blessed. The article focused on a lady who was running late to a knitting club meeting, fell on the stairs and impaled herself on a knitting needle. She survived, though the needle knicked her heart, AND they found the beginnings of breast cancer and were able to treat it before it spread.

In the article, there is a test. When you read the following domain name (just read it, don't actually go there) what do you read:


Scroll down . . .

Alright, did you read opportunity is nowhere OR opportunity is now here?

According to the article, your attitude depends on what you read and how lucky you are since lucky people are happy people who tend to be in the right place at the right time and are open to the world around them.

So, how lucky are you?


Tina said...


The GruCru said...

man, I guess I'm not going to be lucky-or very optimistic either

LeeAnn said...

I saw this statement many years ago and wrote it down so I could remember that it is all in the "attitude" you have for life.

Frankie said...

Ok, I didn't see nowhere and I didn't see now here; I saw snow here! :D So, what does that mean?

Stephanie said...

I read "no where" first and knew that wasn't right so a second later I read "now here." So does that mean I want to be optimistic but it doesn't come naturally? : )