Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little Girl, Big Attitude

Little Miss Molly may be a petite little thing, but she carries around a lot of attitude. Garry and I have both noticed that a few months ago when you gave her a snack or a treat, she would take it and accept it in such gratitude and wonder. The day that I gave her a graham cracker, she looked at me with eyes of amazement. In her gaze, I could feel her trying to tell me that after tasting the sweet goodness of that graham cracker she knew that her life would never be the same.

Now whenever I give her a bottle or a snack she snatches it away with an attitude of "Where the heck has this been?" And she has started to get her own snacks. Though she is only ten months old, she is a fruit snack addict. They are a treat I try to save for dance or church, when I am desperate for her to be quiet and good! But today she went into the pantry and found some herself and brought them over. Hmmmm......

We've also had problems introducing her to shoes. She has gotten really good at walking without shoes and considers them to be horrible hinderances. I should have named her Blossom or Star or Daisy because she also hates coats. She just wants to be free.

On Sunday I forced a pair of shoes on her. She finally got one off and then proceeded to stomp on it. Perhaps she was trying to put it back on?


The GruCru said...

We're members of the Molly fan club over here. Eddie is 5 and still prefers to go barefoot, but refuses to wear a coat. I keep one in his back pack and tell his teachers that it's there so they don't turn me in to CPS

Stephanie said...

Molly is awesome, just like her older sisters. You're life is going to get soooo interesting when these strong willed daughters become preteens/teenagers! Though, I have to say they get it honestly. : )