Friday, October 30, 2009

MoMolly MomomoMolly

This week Molly turned eleven months old! She is a fascinating little turbo of a baby. I'm asked at least three times a day how old she is because she walks FAST but is so petite. She looks like she should be learning to crawl, not running!
Last week we took the girls to the Haunted Forest in St. Mary's County. Emma and Macey got a lot of candy and, quite accidentally, Molly discovered Dum-Dums. Now she's an addict. If she can reach the girls' candy buckets, she will sort through and pick out the Dum-Dums. I know I should take them away, but it's so cute I let her keep them once she has found them. That and she has a really strong grip and a really loud yell.

This month she also learned to blow kisses. Too cute. She likes to babble and communicate and clap and blow kisses, and we love love love our Molly!


LeeAnn said...

Isn't it amazing how fast they grow up! Tori is going to be 1 year old this month!!! I so am not old enough to be a grandma!

Tina said...

She is a super cute walking petite little gal! Garry was chasing her up the aisle in church last week!

Whew! I thought something had happened to you . . . 3 days between posts!