Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Day

I have realized that my day consists of me saying the same phrases all day long:

(*) go to the bathroom, right now!
(*) did you hit your sister?
(*) stop jumping on that!
(*) don't hang off of that
(*) get off of that/her!
(*) ooohhhh...did that hurt?
(*) don't do that, please!
(*) What do you say? Please? That's better.
(*) Did you eat it all gone?
(*) Who smells?
(*) Did you use soap?
(*) Just a minute. I said, just a minute. JUST A MINUTE!
(*) No. It's night night time. No! Well, okay, one drink.

Did I miss anything?


The GruCru said...

"hurry up"-followed closely by "slow down"

Stephanie said...

"What did I say?"
"Please be quiet, Rory is sleeping!"
"Go put your underwear on."
"Out of the kitchen."

LeeAnn said...

"Do you want me to beat you? If so just keep it up." (oaky I may be the only one that has said that but I know you have all thought it!)

MissouriMormonMama said...

I second everyone's comments ( : And Leeann- You're definitely not the only one. THanks for the smile!