Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not As Bad As It Sounds. . .

Since he has been in training, Garry has been spending most nights in a hotel near the base. This week we were able to visit him because the girls had a day off from school, and they were so excited to go. They love trips and hotels and their Dad. Could there be anything better for them?

They were SO excited that they told everyone that they saw. Everyone at school, everyone at dance class, EVERYONE.

Here's what they usually said, "We're going to go see our Dad today. He's in a hotel."

I could gage by the parent's reactions that they thought Garry and I were separating, he was staying at a hotel, this was part of his visitation, etc., etc. . .I could see all of these wheels turning in their heads. And I thought, "Should I explain?"


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LeeAnn said...

Oh the rumor mill could go crazy with this info!