Monday, August 4, 2008

A True Hermit

The more that I go out. . . the more that I think that I should just stay home some days. And it's not just the stress of keeping track of Emma and Macey in a store. It's mainly the stress of other people interacting with Emma and Macey in a store.

Like the library. Argh the library! In the kids department there are two huge stuffed giraffes. Huge. And if you were two and three, what would you do? Try to ride them, of course! It's a constant battle to get the girls to not love on those giraffes, and usually they do alright. Today, though, a librarian with a face pinched like she had an eternal migraine marched over and explained that they could touch the giraffes but could not play with them. Does that make sense? How does a two year old touch and not play? It's a mystery. Ms. Pinchy Face should work in the paperback mystery department and they should put someone who actually likes kids in the kid department.

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