Sunday, August 17, 2008


Heaven help us with Kid #3 because sometimes things slip through the cracks with even Kid #2, commonly known as Macey. When she was in her crib, she had Emma's old, little purple pillow that her great-grandmother made. Not that she slept on it much, she likes to move around, but still, it was a good place for her head to at least start off.

We're in the middle of moving the girls into the same room and painting and getting new beds and we've moved Macey's mattress into Emma's room. But though she is moving up the big girl ladder, she has not yet gotten a big girl pillow. But this week she's had a runny nose and congestion, so Garry gave her one of our pillows to prop her up and help her to sleep tonight without waking up all congestiony and snotty.

When she got the pillow, she smiled and said, "Is that for me?" Such gratitude over something so small.

So tomorrow after some errands, I think it's time for Macey to go to the store and get her very own pillow.

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