Thursday, August 7, 2008


Before I got married, I used to "daydream" myself to sleep. I would daydream about the perfect date, or the perfect proposal, or the perfect wedding -- girl stuff. Total girl stuff. But then I got married and have been wondering for the last five years, what should I daydream about now? Usually I just think about the day or the last thing that I watched on television until I go to sleep. But I still daydream during the day.

I daydream about big old cul-de-sacs at the end of a long street where my kids can go out and play and play and play. Oh, and nice neighbors that do not care about kids walking on grass or noise.

I dream about having drawers in my bathroom! We don't have any! Imagine all the stuff that you cram into bathroom drawers and now imagine a life without them!

I daydream about baby grand pianos. Black ones. Shiny.

I daydream about corn dogs from Arctic Circle with fry sauce. Yum.

I daydream about "please" and "thank-you" coming from my girls without asking!

I daydream about gas prices being $1.32.

I daydream that my linen closet is a linen closet with fluffy towels and fancy sheets -- not stuffed full of toys.

I daydream that Garry gets to carry this baby for the next three months and that he thinks that the name Molly is just perfect.

All pretty boring stuff. But the thoughts make me smile.

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