Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Brilliant One Moment. . . Not So Much The Next

Before the girls can get out of the bathtub, they are required to put all of their toys away. And there is quite the collection of toys. Lots of fish and frogs and Doras and friends. Emma, being the oldest and sitting closest to the basket, uselessly does the lion's share of work. Macey usually hangs back and allows Emma to clean up for her.

But the other day, I was walking past the bathroom when I saw Macey throw a toy into the basket and she MADE THE SHOT! It was a good 30 inches away, and she's so little and Emma was in her way and she still MADE THE SHOT. It was thrown perfectly, curved perfectly, if there had been a net, the toy would have made a sweet SWISH it was such a good throw. I walked away, thinking once again that Macey was an amazing little girl.

A few minutes later, I walked past the bathroom again, and I saw Macey with her toy fishing pole, fishing in the toilet for who only knows what. Ugh.

The few minutes when she was my amazing little girl were bliss.

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