Saturday, August 30, 2008


Someone needs to teach about forgiveness -- about letting go of past mistakes and moving on.

You see, eight years ago I bought a John Tesh CD. Not because I am a John Tesh fanatic or even fan, but because the CD "Pure Movies 2" had a song on it that I LOVED "When She Loved Me" from Toy Story 2. Lovely song.

So I do not regret buying that CD. Now, my Britney Spears CDs (that's right -- plural) and my Debbie Gibson CD, those I regret. Oh, and I have two Barbra Striesand CDs. Go figure.

But I do not want to be reminded of that purchase everytime I log on to Amazon. Just today I checked out my "recommendations for Alicia" section, and there was John. Good grief.

So check out your own recommendations. You may be surprised what Amazon remembers. And you may be just a little grateful that Amazon wasn't around in the 80's.


Natalie C. said...

I'd love to know what I could do to make some of mine go away, too. My main problem with them is that it latches on to something if I just view it. Then when I buy it from somewhere else like, it would never know. But it keeps these things, like you say, eternally on my home page.

Kiersten said...

Ah the 80's...what can we say!